HR Development. Companies of the future. Julia Piven, JBS
2018 February 26th

Human evolution in physical, social and psychological levels has a great impact on business models, and growing marketing vectors of the companies which they are part of.

On 20 of February 2018 Head of HR, JBS Ukraine, Julia Piven was the speaker for the Human Development lecture series. Julia delivered an interesting view on Companies progress and goals with the help of circles of spiral dynamics. The workshop titled “Companies of the future. Clare graves spiral dynamics”. A theory of adult human development ideally coincides with informational technology companies. It reveals the answers to the question of why people adopt the values they do in areas of organizational change, working with diverse communities, cultural transformation, as well as leadership and management.

By that same token, the engineers bring value to customers with the development of software products along with self-development. JBS Ukraine is a vivid example of the psychological development of human resources, which impacts the movement of business and future dynamics.

Furthermore, the audience tried to not think only in frames of human resources and categorize oneself, but also find ways to put a concept into practice applied to companies life. It’s sustainable important for business owners to understand that a comprehensive exploration of our conscious experience lets them move forward to the next stage.

In addition, having outlined the average value and tried to determine the stages of Elon Musk “SpaceX”, Google and Apple we came to surprising thoughts that even great companies are in inevitable and constant search for the next stage journey around the world.

Julia helped to imagine how we can apply the theory practically and determine the human stages, so that grow together to become a Company of the future.

In conclusion, to achieve the highest level of evolution (the yellow level of  integration of pluralities and the turquoise level of integration of differences and unification of things), we need to overcome the purple level of magical hierarchy, the red level of egocentrism, the blue level of mythic fundamentalism, the orange level of scientific materialism, and over-sensitive relativism (green).
If you are interested in the details of Spiral Dynamics, you can read these books:

1. Colors of the Spiral mentioned by Graves
2. An overview of Spiral Dynamics of Don Beck
3. Spiral Dynamics integral or SDi by Don Beck and Ken Wilber
4. Don Beck and his Spiral Dynamics

and come and listen to Julia Piven on the next live event.