We are thrilled to announce that today, we became JEVERA! Our company started its journey in 2009. As a leading provider of specialized software development services for 9 years, we moved to a new stage of Company development and growth,

The workshop “Companies of the future. Clare Graves spiral dynamics”. An interesting view on Companies progress and goals. Human evolution in physical, social and psychological levels has a great impact on business models, and growing marketing vectors of the companies which they are part of.

What exactly does «Minimum Viable Product» concept describe? Why are there so many disputes around this issue?
Perhaps, the most famous but at the same time the most misunderstood concept from the Lean startup methodology is «Minimum Viable Product». Let’s figure out why.

Our employees continuously improve their skills and do not forget to share their experience and knowledge at specialized conferences. In addition, our Head of BA has returned with a reward from last forum.

How we improve the retrospectives in Agile. Let's talk about the circles of influence and their combination with other techniques. The technique “My soup” has special zones